Past Shows

Melbourne Fringe Festival 2016

Completely Improvised Shakespeare returned to the Melbourne Fringe Festival for a COMPLETELY SOLD-OUT SEASON! How grateful are we? Let us count the ways:

Thanks to The Courthouse Hotel for being most goodly hosts!

Thanks to Ben and Morven for organizing all things ticketly and technical.

Thanks to YOU, our audience, for packing the Jury Room for 7 straight nights of bardic buffoonery! 

Here is what reviewers had to say:

"Soothplayers' rowdy, hilarious performances are incredibly enjoyable, and kind of astounding"

- The Age

"Hysterical, ingenious and riveting, Soothplayers’ Completely Improvised Shakespeare lives up to its money-back guarantee of being hilarious, with its widely popular shows taking the audience on a ride that is truly a once in a lifetime experience."

- Shakespeare Oz

"The money back option was never a possibility for me. The show was hilarious, clever and silly, and thoroughly enjoyable."

- Weekend Notes


We celebrated our first anniversary show at The Improv Conspiracy Theatre! We can't believe a year has passed since "Love is Cruel," the first ever Soothplayers show at The Dan O'Connell Hotel.


Soothplayers celebrated the 400th anniversary of the Bard's death in Australia's own Stratford Upon Avon

 Soothplayers made their regional debut with two performances at  the Shakespeare on the River Festival  in Stratford on Sunday, May 1st. We performed A Fairy Dance, a whimsical comedy, and I Have No Idea, a darkly tragical history. We also enjoyed a fabulous masquerade ball, delicious fair food, and even the stoning of a witch. 

To celebrate the death of the Bard, we played to a delightful crowd at Fitzroy Library's beautiful Reading Room. Our special thanks to the Yarra City Council for giving us the wonderful opportunity! 

The first ever Soothplayers Melbourne International Comedy Festival was a resounding success! We performed twenty-two completely new plays to hundreds of happy festival goers at Trades Hall! 


"Completely Improvised Shakespeare is a sure bet" - The Herald Sun


"It stirs an excitement and a magic that captivates you" - Weekend Notes

Soothplayers strutted the stage at The Butterfly Club this past Christmas season! Titles included the likes of The Golden Shoe, Those Damned Turkeys, and Wherefore Art Thou Chewbacca? 

From 26/9 - 3/10, Soothplayers performed their first ever Melbourne Fringe Festival season to sellout crowds at The Improv Conspiracy Theatre! The troupe performed seven totally improvised plays, including Behead Them!, The Vicar Killed his MotherA Holiday Tomorrow, and more.

Rotating Taps

On 26/7, Soothplayers graced the stage to great acclaim at the Dan O'Connell Hotel as part of The Improv Conspiracy's Rotating Taps. The pictures below are from the opening and closing night of Love is Cruel.

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