Soothplayers! What is't you do?

13 Jul 2016

Thank you for asking! We improvise plays in Shakespearean style. Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions we can answer right away:


  • Is any of it pre-planned?  Nope.

  • Really though? Surely you at least— Yes, really. No prior planning.

  • Can you do Hamlet? That’s a good one.   It is! It is also already written. Our plays are all new on the night. They are each plays that could have been written by the Bard, but were not. See our Play Titles page for previous examples.

  • Shakespeare is boring We beg to differ, but we get it. Our shows are not only exciting and hilarious, they are totally accessible, we promise! Whether you love the Bard or enjoyed sleeping through Lit class.


You give us a title: we give