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Adam Hembree

Producer, Player

Favourite Play: Othello

Favourite Character: Iago


Adam founded Soothplayers with Ryan Patterson in 2015. He has been performing and studying Shakespeare since 2008. Favourite credits include Orlando in As You Like It, Iago in Othello, and Romeo/Iago in Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet.


Before moving to Melbourne, Adam completed his MA in English, writing his thesis on Shakespearean villainy. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in English and Theatre Studies, studying magic, witchcraft, and the art of acting during Shakespeare's time.


As an improvisor, Adam has trained and performed with the National Comedy Theatre in Phoenix. Since moving to Melbourne, he has also trained with The Improv Conspiracy and performs with Impro Melbourne.

You may contact Adam with inquiries about booking Soothplayers or getting in touch with our cast. For more information on his academic work, see his research profile. You can also follow Into the Words, his blog about...words!




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