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Everyone should be able to enjoy and appreciate Shakespeare's work. This principle underpins our educational philosophy and drives the work that we do in shows as well as in our performance workshops.


  • A five-star, highly acclaimed comedy show that ye need not be a Shakespeare scholar to enjoy.

  • Ideal for festivals as well as private events like parties, corporate functions, and weddings.

  • Actors can mingle with the crowd in costume prior to the performance whilst speaking in Shakespearean style.


  • Participants learn skills and strategies that our players use on stage to spontaneously create comedy, tragedy, and history.

  • Increase comfort with Shakespearean language and conventions.


  • Suitable for ages 10+

  • An accessible introduction to Shakespeare for students

  • Drama students can identify and analyse theatrical conventions of Elizabethan theatre

  • English and Literature students can identify the themes explored, the characters, and the language

  • All bookings include Teacher resources

"Soothplayers have managed to breathe new life into a style of writing and way of speaking that, although centuries old, felt fresh and relatable"

- Theatre People

Six actors in Shakespearean clothes on a dark grey background

"... the audience witnessed a Shakespearean tragedy worthy of the VCE booklist."

- Buzzcutts

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