Bardic Inspiration

Dungeons & Dragons in Shakespearean Style

In 2020 the Plague shut our theatres, so the cast of Completely Improvised Shakespeare turned to D&D to keep playing together during the lockdowns. Now you can join their table for live-streamed sessions every Sunday night at 7:30pm AEST. Subscribe to the YouTube Channel to watch live and recorded episodes, and follow on TikTok @Bardic_Inspo.

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Eorn World Map Colour

One World - Two Epic Tales

Dungeon Master Adam Hembree guides two merry troupes through the fantasy world of Eorn, a magical realm infused with both the epic stakes and wonderful silliness of Shakespeare. The players help build the story together, developing their characters and rolling the dice to learn their fates on the fly.

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Magical Cane Band Logo

It's all fairy business for The Headless Marys,  who channel the magic and mystery of that twilight world to best vampires, rescue dragons, and experiment heavily with wild magic mushrooms.

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Join The Magical Cane Band to learn the real power of theatre as these traveling minstrels use amazing powers to knock crowds dead...often literally.

'★★★★' - Hergor the Black Dragon

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