15 Nov 2018

Many of the odd words from Shakespeare plays invoke faith somehow. Prithee is on the lighter side of that bunch. Prithee = Pray + Thee

29 May 2018

Romeo and Juliet may be the only reason you've ever heard the word 'wherefore', given how uncommon it is today. Your frustrated English teacher may be the only

21 May 2018

What better way to begin our #WordNerd series than with Ye? We’ll be profiling words that make our work sound ‘Shakespeare-y’, and Bill uses ye more than 300 times.

When we say ‘Shakespeare-y’, we really mean early modern, the time roughly between 1500-1700. English went through some massive changes in that time, and Shakespeare’s works show us those changes in progress.

If you see ye and think you, then ye are certainly correct, in a number of ways. Ye may not have known, though, that the ‘Ye...

10 Feb 2018

It is with much love that we announce that Andrew Strano, our leader from the beginning of time (2015), has stepped down from his role as director. Andrew is a super busy human, last year he directed both our show and our improvised potter show, he co-wrote a musical, he taught a bunch of people, he performed weekly and when he had the time, he slept (he didn't sleep). It is staggering that he has been able to achieve so much (it makes me anxious tbh). This year Andrew has big plans, and unfortu...

29 May 2017

In early July of 2016 I arrived in Melbourne, Australia, looking to get involved in the comedy scene and do as much improv as possible. A few weeks later I had the good fortune to find myself in the bright, upstairs room of the Dan O’Connell hotel for a Saturday Soothplayers rehearsal.

The Soothplayers, for those who don’t know, are a troupe of improvisers, actors, writers and all around theatre enthusiasts who perform improvised Shakespeare plays.

From my very first scene -- in which I playe...

1 Feb 2017

In honour of Soothplayers' Midsumma shows this week Scout Boxall proudly presents: Shakesqueer!

Ok, Hamlet's right hand man was clearly a gay. He hasn't got a girlfriend, wears a padded hose and loves a bit of fencing. (Men prodding each other with silver phalluses while wearing virginal white?) Check out this cute quote: "Good night, sweet prince. And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!" Hamlet is dying and Horatio, cradling his love in his arms, is clearly nursing a broken...

23 Sep 2016

Exciting times for Soothplayers! On Monday our Fringe Festival show opens at the Court House Hotel. Thou shoulds't book to avoid a disappointing life.

Also Gentles, we are running a course on improvising Shakespeare beginning on October 3! 

Place: Abbotsford Convent

Dates: Mondays, 3/10 - 22/11

Time: 6:30 - 9:30 pm

So if you've seen what we do and would like to try it out (or are terrified by this prospect) please book by following the link: Workshop Registration

If you have any questions please feel...

24 Aug 2016

'Tis official, gentlefolk! Soothplayers return to the Melbourne Fringe Festival after last year's inaugural season. After selling out the end of our run, earning great reviews, and winning The Improv Conspiracy's "Best Fringe Show" award last year, our expectations are as elevated as our verse!

Tickets: Pre-book here as shows WILL sell out! 

Where: The Courthouse Hotel - Jury Room

Dates: 26 September - 2 October

Times: 7.10 pm, 6.10 pm Sunday

Check out our Upcoming Shows page for a full cas...

13 Jul 2016

Thank you for asking! We improvise plays in Shakespearean style. Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions we can answer right away:

  • Is any of it pre-planned?  Nope.

  • Really though? Surely you at least— Yes, really. No prior planning.

  • Can you do Hamlet? That’s a good one.   It is! It is also already written. Our plays are all new on the night. They are each plays that could have been written by the Bard, but were not. See our Play Titles page for previous examples.

  • Shakespeare i...

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