Completely Improvised Survivor

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Debut Comedy Festival Season

​14-24 April

7:30pm (6:30 Sundays)

Trades Hall


Who will outwit, outplay, and outlaugh? Find out April 2022 at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.


Completely Improvised Survivor is a 50-minute nostalgia-filled unscripted parody of pop culture's most infamous reality TV show. Join us each night as the contestants fight their way through fictional tribal councils, playable onstage challenges and Jeff Probst's meddling to be crowned the sole Survivor by the audience. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the real hidden immunity idol stashed in the theatre; it could be anywhere.


The all-star cast features some of Australia's top tier improvisers, including alumni of The Big HOO-HAA!, The Improv Conspiracy, Impro Melbourne, The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, Completely Improvised Potter, Completely Improvised Shakespeare and more! They will backstab, manipulate, and schmooze their way to victory, live, right before your eyes. It’s all made up on the spot, so every night is a brand new show with fresh heroes, villains, and goats.


Completely Improvised Survivor is co-produced by Melissa McGlensey and Douglas Wilson, in conjunction with Soothplayers.


Photos by Jesse Vogelaar.

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