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Charlotte Salusinszky

Charlotte Salusinszky, Soothplayers

Favourite Play: Macbeth 

Favourite Character: Macbeth


Charlotte Salusinszky is a Melbourne-based theatre maker with a love of performing and writing in particular. She also teaches extra-curricular drama programs for school students, the joys of which she is always prone to rant about.


Charlotte has worked on a variety of new projects over the past few years, including Until Monstrous’s stage adaptation of Moby Dick, and Pixel Theatre’s 2014 Adelaide Fringe Festival season of Wendy House. Though she has also long performed and studied many of Shakespeare’s works, and always marvels at how fresh and exciting they remain no matter how many times she revisits them. Doing Macbeth with Eagle’s Nest Theatre, The Tempest with Union House Theatre and As You Like It with the Melbourne University Shakespeare Company have been her particular performance highlights.


And now, this! What delectable concoctions the Soothplayers are devising with both improvisation and Shakespeare in their cauldron!



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