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Gabrielle Raz-Liebman

Gabrielle Raz-Liebman

Favourite character: The Three Witches

Favourite play: A Midsummer Night’s Dream


At the age of thirteen Gabrielle thought it would be extraordinarily witty to dress up as Shakespeare for Halloween. Unfortunately none of the other kids appreciated her costume, despite the effort she put into constructing her accordion-folded paper ruff. Many years later, Gabrielle has finally found an incredible group of people that can give this Shakespeare nerd a run for her money. 


These days, Gabrielle is a diverse performer with training in long-form improvisation, physical theatre, and devised theatre-making. She is passionate about storytelling in all its weird and wonderful forms. Most recently, Gabrielle completed four levels of training with The Improv Conspiracy and is currently learning the art of Bouffon. 

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