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Gemma Duncan

Gemma Duncan


House: Hufflepuff

Wand:  Willow wood with a phoenix feather core, 12 ¼" and slightly yielding flexibility

Patronus: Deerhound

Favourite Character: Moaning Myrtle

Gemma has been performing comedy for many years as part of Aardvarks Anonymous, duo Michelle & Gemma, and Completely Improvised Potter. She has recently joined the cast of The Junior Mighty Little Puppet Show.

She has a Bachelor of Arts (Drama,) a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care, and has trained in improvisation with Impro Melbourne and Second City in Chicago. 


Gemma is a proud Hufflepuff who loves her two cats. She's not against dogs, but still thinks that her patronus probably should have been a big fluffy cuddly Maine Coon. She is still annoyed every time the books or franchise reference "The Wizarding World," as she believes that it is a sexist term and that "The Magical World" would be more inclusive.  She enjoys exploring characters' emotional truths and making up spells onstage, and was given the Improvised Potter cast award of "Most Likely To Play An Animal." 


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