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Kaitlin Jempson

House: Slytherin

Ilvernorny House: Thunderbird

Wand: Cedar wood with a phoenix feather core, 14 1/2 ", unbending

Patronus: Falcon

Born in Brisbane, grown in Melbourne, and educated in the United States, Kaitlin's accent is quite frankly, confusing. She got her BFA in Musical Theatre/ French and dance minor from Ohio Northern University, and has spent the past few years training and performing professionally in in the States with Paramount Theatre, Weathervane Playhouse and American Immersion Theatre. Upon her return to Australia, Kaitlin felt it was time to do some very content-specific improv. 


Growing up believing she was a Ravenclaw, Kaitlin was shocked when Pottermore told her (twice, she took the quiz twice) that she was a Slytherin. However, after reading the description, realising that she would be Head Girl in Slytherin, that this realisation was the most Slytherin thought ever, and not daring to defy J.K., Kaitlin has enthusiastically embraced serpent life. She would like to become the first self-taught parseltongue.

Kaitlin Jempson
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