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Melissa McGlensey

Melissa McGlensey, Soothplayers

Favourite play: The Tempest

Favourite character: Yorrick

Melissa McGlensey is a stand up comedian/writer/improviser/actor from California who spent the last few years performing and training in New York City at Reckless Theater and the Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) theater, as well as performing at venues all across the city with her improv team LASSO. After spending some time in Sydney performing with Laugh Masters Academy (LMA) on their house team The Surry Hillbillies, Melissa is now living in Melbourne and assistant teaching improv classes at LMA while taking classes with Impro Melbourne and The Improv Conspiracy. 


Melissa has been performing ever since she first realized she could force overly-polite people to sit still and watch her do things for several minutes at a time (age 2).


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