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Play Count: 219




Love is Cruel  

The Foraging Summer 


The Tragical Comedy of Captain Planet and the Second Best Bed 

All's Well that Ends Well 

The Bishop's Cheese 

A Holiday Tomorrow 

A Swift Exit 

Wherefore art thou Chewbacca? 

The Garden of Paleo Delights 

The Love of Your Sister 

The Royal Commission on the Relevance of Language

The Minstrel and the Maiden 

Jon Snow Goes to Melbourne 

Down the Well 

Son of a Bardstard 

The Most Excellent Tragedie of the Hotline that did Bling 

Two and a Half Irishmen

The Three Twins of Bologna

Fairy Dreaming

The Chicken and the Avocado

Chicken Party

Willy's Warblers

The Comedy of the Three Sisters

Much Ado about Everything

Summer in the Privy

Too Many Romeos

Oceans Seven

The Gay Agenda

The Quick Piglet

The Stars Betwixt Their Eyes

The King and his Mischievous Fool

The Merchant of Perth

The Saucy Nun

The Ides of January

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest



The Wench's Wedding

The Locks of Loxley

The Sodomite's Revenge

Something About Nothing

The Merchant of Armadale

Henry the Undertaker

The Bogans of Shakespeare

Hamlet on Mars

Coming of Age

Self-Driving Cars in Space

Ball Tampering

The King's Tax Return

The Stout and the Cookie

The Farmer's Son and the Giant Pumpkin

The Uneducated Scholar

Unicorn Love

The Bard and the Willow

Bard in the City

A Ruffle of Feathers

The Timing of the Screw

Much Ado About Knitting

Salad Days

The Mortician's Carpet

The Pirate's Regret

Lost in Translation

The Fishmonger's Left Foot

The Root of all Shrew

Russian Hamburgers


Gemma Duncan Sends her Regards

Garfield in Love

The Taming of the Hamster

Call me by your Name

The Tap-Dancing Elves

Dung Eater


The Prince and the Prickly Pear

Ducks with Hats

Take a Bow, Mrs Potts

The Feast of the Scrambled Queen

The Merry Mistress (The Mistress who was not Merry, or a Mistress)

Where art thou, Summer's Fart?
Barbershop Quartet
Ye Olde Wagon Wheel
April Fools
The Tradie of Verona
Anchovies in Love
Fish in a Kettle
The Body Snatchers of Bendigo
The Shaking of the Lager
The Taming of the Shoe
Rubber Ducky
Codswallop of Chatterley
A Night's Romance
Gay People at a Picnic


The Second Donkey

The Vicar Killed his Mother

Behead Them!

The Tragedie of the Carnivores

Queen Beatrice

The Vampire's Desire

The Donkey doth Bite

Death at Trades Hall

The Devil's Cock Ring

The Tragedie of Malcolm and Tony

The Ghosts of October

The Ginger of Norway

The Perils of Pyramus

The Ham of Bendigo

The Death of the Bard


I Have No Idea

The Broken Liar


Dead Man's Song


Poke Me No More

Mr T Pities Thy Fool, Rocky Balboa


Violent Cats

The Queen Who Could Not Poop

The Gentleman Hath No Honour

The Forbidden...Something

A Silent Night in Naples


Ralph the Radioactive Dolphin

The Florist of Windsor


Some Midnight

Shakespeare and the Jurassic Park


Four Sooth

A Long Day's Journey Into Night

I Scream for Dinner

She Dies by the Knife

I'm Sure it will be Fine

Sherlock Holmes Meets the Queen

The Cranberries of Death

The Tribulations of Dyschezia

The Nervous Agent

Rasputin's Revenge

The Mermaid in the Jungle

Shakespeare's Kitchen Nightmares


The Murder of the Elephant

Twelfth Nightmare on Elm Street

All the World's a Stage

Thy Chicken


Davinci's Christmas Vendetta

The Biggest Hair

The Hottest Winter


Insert Name Here

Love at Sea

Romeo and Romeo

Hamlet and the Heavy Sword

Battle of the Bards

Of Lies and Truth

Dead Man's Party

The Jester Only Speaks Thrice


Bruce III

The Bard Who Bled

The Body

Death at a Funeral

The Merry Men of Carlton

The Loneliest Boat

The Egg has Come

The Haunted Duchess

The Tale of the Food that Never Arrived

The Spy who Poisoneth Me

Wherefore art thou my Sock?

The Obituary of the Artichoke

Zeus vs Odin

Murky Water

Whose Pants are Those?

Garius Patrisias

The Shining Wart

Hungry? Why not Have a Drink?
A Proud Week of Knives
Lord and Lady Shrew
The Tower has Fallen
A Murder of Crows
The Soul that Shan't Depart
Suckling Grief

50 Shades of Gay

Those Damn Turkeys

The Golden Shoe

Donald Trump I Part I

Sands of the Hourglass

The Fox Hunter


Death Maiden

The Bald and the Beautiful

Henry XIII

The King, the Servant, and the Mouldy Pie

Frank, Not the King

The Clock that Never Chimes

The Mouse of Munich

The Poison Distilled from the Red in his Eye

Trump's Cabinet

Death by Committee

The Election

Winter is Coming



The Tragedy of the Internet

Harry Highpants

The Death of the Never-to-be King

The Earwig

The Queen and Adam Lambert

The First Knight

Frederick the Red

The Death of King Phil

Thou Shalt Not be Slat

The Princess and the Frog
The Lost Inheritance
Beyond the Bounds

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