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Three actors laughing sharing drinks

★★★★ 1/2

 Theatre People

"Soothplayers have managed to breathe new life into a style of writing and way of speaking that, although centuries old, felt fresh and relatable." 


"Portrayed masterfully within the conventions of a Shakespearean comedy . . ."


"A thoroughly enjoyable evening of theatre that showcased the undeniable talent of this gifted ensemble of players."

 Planet Arts

"Captivating, hilarious and beautifully executed, the Soothplayers will leave you wondering why you didn’t enjoy studying Shakespeare at school as they inject wit, sophistication and Shakespearean language into a personalised performance for their audience."


". . . an exciting and awe-inspiring performance."


"This forgotten Shakespearean play though told through the imagination of the Soothplayers could have easily been mistaken for a true written work of Shakespeare."


"They will make you cry with laughter, gawk at their wit and cheer for their all round brilliance."


Fringefeed Perth

"It is clear that this creative team are improvisation champions."

Hysterical, ingenious and riveting, Soothplayer’s Completely Improvised Shakespeare lives up to its money-back guarantee of being hilarious, with its widely popular shows taking the audience on a ride that is truly a once in a lifetime experience." 

". . . the room was filled with non-stop laughter as the hour flew by."

"They work seamlessly together, especially when throwing each other curve balls and plot twists."


"Every performer brings electricity to the stage."

"Each night promises something entirely new . . . once hooked, there will be little stopping you from coming back again and again!"


"This is some dedicated improvisation that is impressive with its delivery and sustained commitment to its theme, leaving the audience well entertained and impressed with the feats they have witnessed."


"The accompanying mandolin playing that fitted the mood, and changed cleverly on cue, was a special highlight."

"One of the standout performances of the 2016 Melbourne Comedy Festival." 

"A hilarious performance."

"This show was like no other improvised performance."

 The Music

". . . the entire show is a continuous expression of amazement from the audience, wondering just how do they do this?" 


"Indeed, the players of Soothplayers are extremely talented at what they do, and the show is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

"Stripped of the pretension so often associated with modern takes on Shakespeare, Soothplayers' rowdy, hilarious performances are incredibly enjoyable, and kind of astounding."

". . . variously wowing with an off-the-cuff rhyming soliloquy or sending the audience into fits of laughter with an unlikely plot twist."

"Fans of the Bard will appreciate the players' deep familiarity with his work." 

". . . the wit and playfulness of the improvisation makes this one easy to recommend to anybody."

"Soothplayers are an assembly of improv masters . . ."

"For anyone seeking a night of highly entertaining and spontaneous comedy, Completely Improvised Shakespeare is a sure bet."


Fourthwall Media Perth

". . . this production drips of everything Shakespearean."


". . . a romantic comedy that the Bard himself would be proud of."


". . . this was one of the most consistently funny and entertaining improvised performances that I have seen."


". . . an indulgent Shakespeare experience with lots of wit and charm."

"It’s the performance equivalent of attempting to solve a rubix cube blindfolded – an hour-long wholly improvised Shakespeare play, complete with Shakespearean language and themes."


". . . the audience witnessed a Shakespearean tragedy worthy of the VCE booklist."


"The performance was laugh-out-loud funny, but the audience’s admiration ran deeper."


"Even for a non-Shakespeare loyal, Soothplayers is something to behold."

"The show had us captivated the whole time and the actors performed seamlessly and in harmony with one another."

"The actors all contributed creatively with great skill and without breaking character and any discussion on what will happen next."

In the promotional material for this show, there is a 'laugh or your money back' guarantee. The money back option was never a possibility for me. The show was hilarious, clever and silly, and thoroughly enjoyable.

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