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Rik Brown

Rik Brown

Rik has been an Actor and Improvisor for the past 20 odd years.  He has been involved with numerous improvised Melbourne International Comedy and Fringe Festival shows, including Late Nite Impro, Celebrity Theatresports ™ , Sondheim Unscripted, Bingo Board of Doom, Impro3Shuffle, Puppy Fight Social Club, Ultimate Board Game Unscripted, Word/Play, Spark! and Spontaneous Broadway.

He often pops up on the TV trying to sell you things, from Fox Footy Channels to Tic-Tacs and from Worksafe initiatives to Nissan X-trails, his face is proven to make you want to buy stuff.

He also proved himself a master of disguise in ABC3's popular show Prank Patrol, where he used his variety of skills to get children to embarrass themselves.

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