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Workshop and Performance Booking

Performance requirements

  • Allow 60 minutes for the performance (or 50 minutes plus a 10-minute Q-and-A period for students)

  • Provision of a cleared performance space (minimum of 4x4 metres)

  • Allow 30 minutes in the space prior to the performance 

  • Photographs may be taken by staff, however, we ask that the performance not be filmed. There may be an opportunity for students to take pictures after the show.

  • Any photographs taken of the performance must not be published without consent from Soothplayers.

  • Any photos that feature students will not be published by Soothplayers without express consent from the parents and children involved.

Three actors with thumbs up in Shakespearean clothes

Please complete the form below to express interest in one of our shows or workshops. We will respond as quickly as we can to request further information if need be, and to provide a quote for associated fees.

If you are contacting us on behalf of a school, please note that you can request a performance, an acting workshop, or a combination of both at a discounted price. You are welcome to stage the performance for a larger group and then have workshops for a smaller group, for example. We will do our best to work within your established time-table.

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