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Shea Evans

Shea Evans

Favourite Character: Lady Macbeth 

Favourite Play: Coriolanus


Shea is delighted to be playing with such dedicated and knowledgeable actors in Soothplayers.


After having done a fair bit of Shakespeare as a younger man Shea has branched out in more recent times and tried his hand at different types of comedy, having done stand up, sketch comedy and improv.  Shea found his groove as a resident cast member with The Improv Conspiracy and performs with them on the weekly.

Outside of performing Shea is a lover of reading, running and all things Downton Abbey and he even has a Downton Abbey cook book which his friends consider is taking the fandom to new lengths, however he cares not for the judgements of others and continues to make dishes that contain more butter than modern nutritionists think healthy.



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