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Stephanie Crowe

Stephanie Crowe

Favourite Play: Much Ado About Nothing

Favourite Character: The Bear, A Winter’s Tale


Stephanie’s history with improvised Shakespeare predates Soothplayers by a decade: while playing Tybalt in a year 5 production of Romeo and Juliet, she spontaneously tried to slay Romeo in the middle of act 2. Since then she has been involved in a number of less bloodthirsty theatrical endeavours, including undertaking programs at NYU Tisch, creating the interactive one-on-one work 'Birthday Party’ in a storage cupboard at La Mama and most recently eating a souvlaki in physical comedy piece 'A Greek Tragedy' at MUDFest. 


She currently trains at the Improv Conspiracy, where she is a member of the Harold team Second Dinner. When not treading the boards, she studies at the University of Melbourne, works as a game master at an escape room, hosts ‘1700' on Channel 31 and Get Cereal on SYN FM.  


She is very excited to be sharing the stage with the wondrously talented Soothplayers - they are much more receptive to spontaneous sword fights than her year 5 classmates!



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