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Soothplayers! What is't you do?

Thank you for asking! We improvise plays in Shakespearean style. Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions we can answer right away:

  • Is any of it pre-planned? Nope.

  • Really though? Surely you at least— Yes, really. No prior planning.

  • Can you do Hamlet? That’s a good one. It is! It is also already written. Our plays are all new on the night. They are each plays that could have been written by the Bard, but were not. See our Play Titles page for previous examples.

  • Shakespeare is boring. We beg to differ, but we get it. Our shows are not only exciting and hilarious, they are totally accessible, we promise! Whether you love the Bard or enjoyed sleeping through Lit class.

You give us a title: we give you a show. That show will not be a Shakespeare play that already exists, but it will certainly look, sound, and smell like one!

Like Shakespeare, we follow the basic dramatic genres (Comedy, Tragedy, and History). We use prologues, soliloquies, asides, and rhyming couplets. There are sword fights, star-crossed lovers, violent revolutions, and salty pun runs.

Like Shakespeare, we also decide NOT to do any of those things if it seems more fun in the moment.

Here are some logistical questions we can answer:

  • Where can I see Soothplayers? Soothplayers perform at festivals, theatres, and corporate, civic, and cultural events throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria.

  • When is the next show? Stay up to date by subscribing to our Mailing List, and following us on all media social. Check our Upcoming Shows page as well.

  • Is it family-friendly? If you would take your child to see a Shakespeare play, then you can take that child to see Soothplayers.

  • Is there a Soothplayers workshop? Yes! Contact us for more information. We can bring our experienced teachers to you, providing both a show and extremely fun workshops for students of all ages.

  • Do you travel? Yes!

We will periodically update this blog with more information about our company. Stay tuned for announcements, tales of our exploits, and the various bits of fun we will post hither in future!

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